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"To the reader - The affairs and history of Hungary have caused controversy because of several mutations and revisions which are now presented to the world as the epitome of truth, incorporating wider European history, and thereby, not only legitimising Hungarian history but providing causality for Europe's historical events. Ages ago, this unknown and unheard of nation arose from its ruins to become a mighty kingdom. As it grew larger and more powerful, by Urgencies of Fate, it declined, then just as quickly recovered. By the inconstancy of its fate, Hungary either added terror or hope to its neighbours. While these people struggled for their liberty, intending for future glory and happiness, Justice of Providence decreed them a hard-working people, but their energy and rapid success have been undermined by many incongruent successes and failures which have almost exhausted them in the course of the last twelve-hundred years in war and peace. They dared to achieve beyond their Fortune and Ability, extending their power over adjoining nations that while their story is being read, as far as Asia and Europe are concerned, are once again subject to review as tributaries to this nation of Hungary." - James Howell, England, 1664

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